Audiology Extern

Overview Audiology Extern -Join our Team at HearingLife xc2xa0 Looking to kick-start your career in audiology with hands-on experience and unparalleled mentorship? HearingLife, a premier national hearing care company, is seeking passionate Audiology Doctoral Students for externship positions across the country. xc2xa0 About Us: Join a nationwide network of over 600 hearing care centers spanning 42 states. As part of the Demant Group, a global leader in hearing healthcare with over a century of expertise, HearingLife prides itself on innovation, care, and results-oriented approaches.Responsibilities Why Choose HearingLife: – Hands-On Learning: From day 1, gain practical experience and mentorship from audiologists in comprehensive evaluations, patient engagement, and solution-oriented education. Clinics may also offer experience in diagnostic and vestibular testing for various patient demographics. – Peer interaction: You’ll virtually connect with externs nationwide, building a supportive network for structured encouragement. This collaboration enhances clinical skills and insights into office operations.xc2xa0 – Continuous Growth:Thrive in an environment of learning and development by participating in monthly manufacturer-lead workshops or meet one-on-one with trainers for individualized learning. Many externs transition to full-time roles as HearingLife prioritizes internal promotion, encouraging you to seize opportunities that align with your interests.xc2xa0 – Community Impact:Join a community-driven organization dedicated to giving back through volunteer initiatives and community engagement. xc2xa0 Cutting-Edge Technology:Utilize top-of-the-line hearing technology from leading manufacturers to tailor solutions for patients. We use computer-based audiometers, conduct real ear verification, and utilize test box measures to uphold audiologic best practicesQualificationsDaily Extern Responsibilities xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Learn, ask questions to your preceptor. xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Comprehensive testing in allotted time xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Appointment documentation xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Lead selection, fitting, follow-up, and service appointments xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Ordering/servicing hearing aids xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Earmold impressions xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Conduct follow up calls with patients. xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Participate in clinic/company meetings. xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Meet monthly clinic goals. xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Contribute to office cleanliness. xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Any task beneficial to your clinic Benefits: xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Competitive compensation xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Comprehensive benefits (401K with match, vision, dental, full medical) xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Tuition reimbursement xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Training opportunities xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Growth within the company xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0xc2xa0 Discounted hearing aids for employees and family Excellent work/life balance xc2xa0 xc2xa0 We are an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.Employment Type: OTHER

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